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ZONATEC S.A. is an Argentine technology company, importer, distributor, and trader of consumer electronics products, with a presence in multiple channels and platforms. Our company is based on the idea that technology is the essential vehicle to develop ourselves, and provides us with tools to study, work and live better.

We approach technology and look to make it available to as many people as possible.
We must all have the right elements to develop ourselves, and today technology is essential to achieve this. For them, we generate strategic alliances with first-quality international suppliers.

We are ZONATEC, and the future of consumer technology is here.


Bluetooth Earphones 

We care about the quality of the sound that comes to our ears, and that is why we carefully select the products we sell. We choose them so that you can enjoy your music, and be always connected, without the need for wires, wherever and whenever you want.


Wireless Speakers  

Now we can fill our personal spaces with the best audio according to our needs, and we have wireless speakers that free us from being attached to a plug, and that can give us the best sound, the highest fidelity, great clarity, and lots of power. It is no longer necessary to remain fixed to a place to enjoy our sounds, they go with us wherever we go.



No longer a device that tells the time, a watch has become an instrument with multiple functions and features. On our wrist can be the control of our vital functions, and the monitoring of all our physical activities. And it can also become the remote control of the music we listen to or a complete personal messaging assistant. All in one device.


Smart Glasses

Technology allows us to surround ourselves with different types of accessories for daily use. Elements that we carry, use or accompany us and allow us to improve our performance in different areas, and at the same time improve our environment. We take care to be attentive to everything that can make our daily lives easier.